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Ethical Culture Fieldston School_edited.

Having Rahel Bayar present is like attending a riveting, captivating, and inspiring TED Talk you will be thinking of days and months afterwards wishing you had a recording so you can revisit her points, examples, her unique experience as a Bronx ADA. Rahel's ability to connect with her audience is a mesmerizing experience to watch and experience. She is THE best presenter I have met in my 20 years of working in HR and training and development. Our employees leave her presentations on being a mandated reporter or sexual harassment training saying "This was GREAT!" "She was amazing!"  "When is she coming back?" No one attendee leaves without learning and feeling engaged. Rahel is simply amazing and you will not regret inviting her to your community.

- Katerina Lucas Former Assistant Director of HR, Ethical Culture Fieldston School

Sidwell Friends School_edited.png

Our workforce is required to have training related to Sexual Abuse Prevention, Appropriate Boundaries with Students and Sexual Harassment bi-annually. We have worked with Rahel Bayar for a number of reasons. Her unmatched credibility as a former sex crimes and child abuse prosecutor is reflected in her captivating storytelling. Further, she provides practical tools and also infuses school policies to help participants clearly understand the rules of the road around acceptable behavior. In the year of the pandemic, Rahel also expertly navigated expanding the content to include appropriate boundaries in online settings. Without question, Rahel is a remarkable advisor and trainer around these topics, which is why she is our go-to partner around this work.”

- Courtney Peterson, Former Human Resources & Culture Officer, Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC

Avenues- The World School.webp

Rahel has presented to our school on a number of occasions and each time she has been thorough, engaging and made challenging topics palatable and even, dare I say, "fun". She can present on difficult topics ensuring that everyone is crystal clear where any blurry lines may be. As a result of her engaging presentations, one could sense the shift in our community. Faculty and staff are now far more aware of their actions and the impact of their behaviors. Our entire community, from students to faculty and staff, have all truly benefited from Rahel's training.

- Becca Howlett, Director of People and Culture. Avenues:The World School

The Dalton School.png

I have worked with Rahel Bayar for many years both at my current school, Dalton, and at a previous school. Sexual harassment and student abuse/boundary training have become essential at K-12 schools to ensure that all employees understand the legal obligations as well as the consequences of crossing those boundaries. Ms. Bayar brings a unique perspective from her years of experience as a child abuse and sex crimes prosecutor in the Bronx DA's office. Her stories on the impact of child abuse provides a lens that makes this training very personal and relevant. Ms. Bayar's delivery is engaging and she is able to modify the training content to align with a school's unique culture and practices. I highly recommend her as a knowledgeable, skilled, and effective facilitator.

-  Joan Walrond, Director of Human Resources The Dalton School

Trinity School1.png

For more than six years we have been honored to have Rahel lead numerous training sessions in sexual harassment, maintaining appropriate boundaries, and mandatory reporting. Rahel's ability to engage our community during her presentations is unparalleled, beginning with her opening remarks and continuing through the time that she spends answering our employee's questions after the seminar. Employee feedback such as, "I could have listened to her speak all day" underscores her ability to deliver important and oftentimes dense or complicated information, with humor and in a manner that is accessible to all of our employees. We are lucky to have found such a trusted and knowledgeable resource in Rahel.

- Loretta McNamee, Director of HR, Trinity School

North Shore Hebrew Academy.png

Teachers are a notoriously hard-to-please audience, especially during an in-service program: they often feel like there is little the presenter has offered them that they did not already know or that they could not read themselves. That was not at all the experience of our teachers. In my twenty-five years of attending and planning such events for teacher training, I have never received such uniform praise from nearly every teacher and staff member who attended.

- Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Kobrin, Head of School, NorthShore Hebrew Academy

The Chapin School2.png

Rahel conducted our sexual harassment training, mandated reporter and safe boundaries training for our organization. Her engaging presentations opened a conversation in a comfortable way to discuss uncomfortable topics. Her real life examples significantly impacted the participants of the training and changed employee perspectives to be more aware about how to handle sensitive situations. I highly recommend her services for effective training that create a change among employee behavior.

- Lauren Kane, Manager of Human Resources, The Chapin School


Rahel's presentations are engaging, powerful, and informative. She masterfully captures the students attention, instructs them about critical expectations, and invites them to think critically and proactively about real-life situations that may arise. She was responsive and communicative throughout the process - designing the program to match our particular goals, implementing the program, and processing and reflecting afterwards. We are very grateful for our partnership and her expertise.

- Dr. Michelle Sarna, School Psychologist, SAR Academy 

Regis High School_edited.png

For the last two Septembers at the beginning of the new school year, we have had Rahel come in to lead a training session with all faculty and staff at Regis, and both have been excellent. Thanks both to her solid command of the relevant law as well as vast experience of real life problems to draw from, Rahel is an energetic and meticulously prepared presenter who  fully engages her audience. She has been a great resource in the ongoing formation of the adults in our community in terms of best practices in maintaining proper and clear boundaries to assure the safety and well-being of all in our community, especially the students.

- Father Anthony Andreassi, Principal, Regis High School


The Ramaz School was fortunate to have Rahel to provide training to faculty/staff and students, on several occasions, regarding the very sensitive issues surrounding sexual harassment, bullying, and boundaries. Alongside her extraordinary expertise, Rahel’s engaging style of speaking, use of anecdotes to illustrate important points and ability to make information relevant and actionable to the audience has led us to invite her back repeatedly. Additionally, we have sought Rahel’s counsel specific issues relating to harassment, Internet abuse, bullying and boundaries. She is always very responsive, thoughtful and also willing to consult with others if she feels that their expertise will be valuable. I would not hesitate to recommend Rahel to any educational institution or organization, and look forward to having Rahel return to Ramaz in the future.

- Jonathan Cannon, Head of School, The Ramaz School

Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County.png

Rahel is a charismatic presenter who speaks on a challenging topic in a clear, compassionate, and dynamic manner. She utilizes her innate captivating skills to keep the participants engaged for the entire presentation. Participants will feel empowered and informed by the conclusion of the workshop. She is the gold star for learning how to prevent sexual assault.

- Ilana Kustanowitz,  School Psychologist Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County

Convent Sacred Heart New York.jpeg

Rahel Bayar is a very effective and professional lecturer on sexual harassment, boundaries and respectful conduct in the workplace. She delivered a clear and appropriate message to a diverse group of faculty and staff: You must always avoid and correct any inappropriate behavior both in and outside of school and most of all never create even the suspicion of inappropriate behavior. Rahel took the time to become acquainted with our mission and tailored her message to the specifics of our culture and history. She delivered these messages with humor and respect for her audience.  Rahel has my strong endorsement.

- Joseph J. Ciancaglini, Head of School, Convent Sacred Heart New York

 Friends Academy Locust Valley.png

We were a bit worried about teaching  critical but sensitive content to students in a virtual model. But Rahel's expertise, energy, dynamism and organization made it easy for our students to fully engage-- even over zoom! The follow up advisories were robust and our faculty and staff were impressed with Rahel's presence and know-how.

- Jen Halliday, Associate Head of School,  Friends Academy Locust Valley 

The Moriah School2.png

When we were looking for someone to train our staff, there was one name that kept being referred to us - Rahel Bayar. Ms. Bayar is not only an expert in her field, but is warm and engaging in her presentation. After a two hour presentation, our faculty and staff could have listened longer. Everyone not only enjoyed what she presented but came away empowered and more knowledgeable.

- Erik Kessler, Executive Director, The Moriah School 

St. John_s School, Houston, Texas.png

We worked with The Bayar Group to present to both our faculty and parents around topics related to boundaries and cybersafety. Rahel Bayar comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience about online safety. Her presentation style is relatable and accessible. She collaborated with us to make sure that the programs were tailored to our specific context and needs. We are looking forward to our continued collaboration to support our students next. 

- Hollis Amley, Head of Upper School & Chia-Chee Chiu, Head of Middle School at St. John's School, Houston, Texas.

Rodeph Sholom School.png

It was our great pleasure to work with Rahel Bayar. Along with everyone else, our school was thrown into Distance Learning last March. Rahel served as a wonderful guide for us as we navigated turning a brick and mortar school into a virtual one. She worked closely with our leadership team as we rewrote our policies and protocols and led an informative and helpful workshop for our faculty about how to set up clear boundaries with students and families online. We learned so much from our time working with Rahel and continue to turn to her as a resource.

- Danny Karpf, Head of School, Rodeph Sholom School

Yeshivah of Flatbush.png

Rahel played an instrumental role in the conception, development and implementation of our school policies designed to keep our students and staff physically and emotionally safe. Her acumen, experience and leadership are exceptional.

- Rabbi Joseph Beyda, Principal, Yeshivah of Flatbush

Westchester Day School.png

Westchester Day School has benefited from several of Ms. Bayar’s presentations. In each, Ms. Bayar’s unique presentation style combining wit, wisdom and words of caution, served to educate students, staff and parents about the impacts of their behaviors, speech and actions on themselves and others. Ms. Bayar has addressed issues of workplace emotional and physical safety, as well as the need to have a responsible online presence and the role that parents play in their children’s online activities. We have learned a lot from Ms. Bayar and our institution has become a safer place for all of its constituencies.

- Rabbi Joshua Lookstein, Head of School Westchester Day School

Ben Porat Yosef1.png

Rahel Bayar's presentations to our faculty and staff have been excellent, way beyond my expectations. In this vitally important area, Rahel is completely professional, sensitive, comprehensive, and engaging. She communicates so effectively with clarity, seriousness of purpose, and also with a sense of humor. I recommend her most enthusiastically to any institution for their staff training and professional development.

- Rabbi Saul Zucker, Head of School, Ben Porat Yosef

YCQ - Yeshiva of Central Queens.png

Rahel is an exceptional resource to schools, providing essential educational services to staff, parents and students. Her talk at our teachers’ orientation was the best speech the teachers have heard on the topic. She was engaging, informative and practical and we all left having learned a lot about ensuring the safety of the children in our school. Her message is powerful and every setting that serves children can benefit from hearing it.

- Dr. Sara Asher, School Psychologist, Yeshiva of Central Queens

Camp Modin2.png

I was first introduced to Rahel during back-to-back seminars she was leading at an American Camp Association conference. She was presenting on the topics of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, boundaries, and mandated reporting. Having listened for three decades to others speaking on these topics, I did not relish having to sit through such heavy material yet again.

Straight out of the gate, I was blown away by her presentation. Rahel is a powerhouse and her style captivates the audience.  Her material is on point and provides genuine, real world examples and step-by-step methods for analyzing, assessing, and handling complex situations.  Not only did my co-director and I stay for her entire workshop, we stayed for the second one as well, and at the conclusion we hired her on the spot.  We then tasked Rahel with analyzing our policies, procedures, and documents, as well as personally leading our entire training program on the aforementioned topics for our entire staff.

In the two years we have worked with Rahel, she has proven to be one of the most vital and resourceful people we have ever partnered with. Beyond her extensive background as a prosecutor, and her dynamic speaking ability, Rahel’s true value for us lies in the fact that she is a “camp person.”  She understands the culture and population of camps (and school).  She is keenly aware of the rituals, traditions, and customs they bring, and has the insight to identify areas of weakness that administrators, directors, and owners need to address.

As someone who embodies the camp experience, Rahel has a natural ability to get everyone around her—both young staff and seasoned professionals—to buy into the mission of providing a safe and appropriate environment for everyone within the community.  She provides the shopping list of dangers and pitfalls staff need to watch out for, and in doing so she has transformed the way we operate, all for the better.

Additionally, Rahel has been an incredible sounding board and ally for every new and unique situation that comes up each season.  She has helped us to carefully navigate complex situations and always has our back when it comes to safety and accountability. We look forward to our continued partnership with her for many years to come.

- Howard Salzberg, Executive Director, Camp Modin

Asphalt Green1.png

Our organization, serving youth year-round, was in need of someone to deliver training that focused on some critical and sensitive topics: boundary guidelines, sexual abuse prevention, and sexual harassment. When we started working with Rahel Bayar, we knew that we were in good hands. Rahel’s presentations are focused and thorough. Even more impressive is how Rahel delivers this sensitive material. Rahel brings the content to life by incorporating her professional experiences as a sex crimes prosecutor. She keeps our staff engaged at every moment of her presentation and takes time to listen and answer questions. We know that when our staff leave Rahel’s session, they are more informed and more confident in their abilities to care for and protect the children under their watch. 

- Katie Duffy, Camps Director, Asphalt Green 

Camp Echo Lake_edited.png

Working with - and learning from - Rahel Bayar is incredibly valuable and important. Rahel understands her audience and creates relatable, informative, and clear education and boundaries around child abuse and sexual harrassment prevention. She helps organizations create policies and educates staff to enhance prevention. Rahel is empathetic and engaging in her presentations and incredibly insightful in her knowledge as an expert of child abuse and sexual harrassment prevention. It is a pleasure to work with her and benefit from her expertise.

- Laurie Rinke, LCSW, Owner / Director, Camp Echo Lake

Windham-Tolland 4-H Camp.jpeg

Rahel helped our staff to comprehend and understand a difficult subject professionally. She was able to use real life examples from her experience with summer camp staff to help them grasp the seriousness of sexual harassment and abuse in a work place where people not only have to work together but also live together.

- Heather Logee, Camp Director Windham-Tolland 4-H Camp

Pocono Springs Camp1.png

Investing in Rahel makes clear to our staff and camp families the seriousness we take in getting the training topic of Abuse Prevention in camp correct. Rahel delivers one of the most engaging and impactful workshops our staff attends during their 7 day orientation. Rahel’s passion, expertise and overall relatability makes the content of her message truly stand out. She speaks directly and assertively, offering staff concrete “black and white” takeaways, in what can often be seen as somewhat of a grey area, especially to young adults. Our staff leave her session with a greater understanding of identifying the boundaries necessary to keep both themselves and their campers safe.

-Scott Leonard and Dani Suchow, Directors of Pocono Springs Camp

Congregation Kehilat Jeshurun.png

Rahel Bayar has been our community's guiding light in keeping our families safe and informed for many years. As The director of a large youth organization catering to hundreds of children each year it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone on our staff is equipped and prepared for any situation. Rahel makes very tough conversations possible, bringing vital information to our staff in a vibrant and relatable manner. She makes herself available to us throughout the year, helping us navigate anything that comes up.

- Aryana Ritholtz, Youth Director, Congregation Kehilat Jeshurun

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