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harassment prevention in schools


We empower your school with impactful, tailored abuse and harassment prevention trainings, workshops and policies for your staff, students and parent community.

Our Approach

We partner with each school so that every training and policy measures up to current best practices and adheres to your schools individual needs.


Every training and workshop will seamlessly weave together an action plan for abuse prevention, by integrating storytelling, humor and empathy. TBG will inspire you to continue to keep your school safe. 

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  • Boundaries as abuse prevention

  • Mandatory reporting & abuse

  • Sexual abuse and grooming 

  • Sexual harassment 

  • Boundaries in sports


  • Internet safety & digital citizenship 

  • Abuse prevention & safe spaces 

  • Harassment 

  • Consent for kids and teens


  • Tough targets: abuse prevention

  • Online safety: talking to our kids

Consulting, Policy Development and Risk Assessments

The Bayar Group  conducts risk assessments to help schools evaluate the areas of risk in relation to sexual misconduct and child abuse prevention.  We work collaboratively to design and deliver policy solutions to empower your staff and leadership to make impactful change and create safe spaces.

Our Offerings

Trainings and Workshops

bayar group


"Rahel's ability to engage our community during her presentations is unparalleled"

Rahel's ability to engage our community during her presentations is unparalleled, beginning with her opening remarks and continuing through the time that she spends answering our employee's questions after the seminar. Employee feedback such as, "I could have listened to her speak all day" underscores her ability to deliver important and oftentimes dense or complicated information, with humor and in a manner that is accessible to all of our employees.

- Loretta McNamee, Director of HR, Trinity School