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Your partner in the creation of safe, abuse-free spaces.

I am an idealist at heart, and believe in the good the world has to offer.

The realist in me knows how important it is to create safe spaces, whether in a child facing organization or corporate workplaces.

Having spent many years as a sex crimes and child abuse prosecutor, and a managing director of the sexual misconduct division of a global investigative company, I have discovered that creating safe spaces is never going to be a “one size fits all approach.” Why?


Because every school, camp, youth organization, faith based institution and corporate workplace that I have consulted and trained for over the past decade has a unique need to ensure that to create a space free of abuse and harassment requires a keen understanding of who each organization is and what they do.

Having prosecuted hundreds of trauma-filled cases, and as a trained forensic interviewer navigating a high profile caseload, I learned that in order to seek justice for each individual impacted, I had to both learn and convey their story in a courtroom filled with fear, and guide each survivor through telling their story in the most impactful way possible. 

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"Rahel is a powerhouse and her style captivates the audience. Her material is on point and provides genuine, real world examples and step-by-step methods for analyzing, assessing, and handling complex situations."

- Howard Salzberg, Executive Director, Camp Modin

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Gone are the days where a video training or laundry list of don’ts are enough.

By bridging the gap between best practices and polices and tailoring those to the needs of your organization, we can, together - help to create a safe space.

For over a decade, I have developed and delivered workshops, keynotes and trainings to K-12 schools, summer camps, media outlets, corporate workplaces, faith based organizations and not for profits, and as a sought after speaker on abuse and harassment prevention, I am excited to partner with you.

Discover how we can work together.

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